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“The future of #ServiceMesh is as a networking feature, not a product category, as far out of sight and mind from developers as possible—and that is a good thing.”

Read the #InfoQ article by Bill Mulligan for more insights: bit.ly/3IFkdGO

#CloudComputing #API #eBFP #Infrastructure #DevOps

📢 This means that developers will be able to use these APIs to integrate #ChatGPT into their own apps or software, allowing users to interact with the chatbot within those apps. 👏


#OpenAI #API #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning

I just learned about OpenRTB for the ad industry - OpenRTB is the communication protocol that enables real-time bidding. It was designed to spur growth in RTB marketplaces by providing an open industry standard for communication and interoperability between buyers and sellers in the digital advertising industry. - iabtechlab.com/standards/openr

Escobar's 4 Hippos have become 130 Hippos in 30 years. I am exploring what the API analogy of this is. Not that I care about finding an API solution, I just want to be able to tell this story in my work. washingtonpost.com/world/2023/

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