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When someone publishes an API to the developer portal without any documentation.

Open chemistry: RESTful web APIs, JSON, NWChem and the modern web application - An end-to-end platform for chemical science research has been developed that integrates data from computational and experimental approaches through a modern web-based interface. The platform offers an interactive visualization and analytics environment that functions well on mobile, laptop and desktop devices. -

Boston Dynamics Spot API - The Spot API lets applications control Spot, read sensor information, and integrate with payloads via gRPC. The Spot API follows a client-server model, where client applications communicate to services running on Spot over a network connection. -

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Product Information Catalog Vehicle Listing - The NHTSA Product Information Catalog Vehicle Listing (vPIC) Application Programming Interface (API) provides different ways to gather information on Vehicles and their specifications. -

Trove Search API - Search Trove newspaper and gazette articles, lists and works. Works are made up of “versions”. They can be books, images, maps, music, sound, video, archives, or journal articles. Archived websites, people and organisations have not been included at this point.

Native Land Digital API - Native Land Digital strives to create and foster conversations about the history of colonialism, Indigenous ways of knowing, and settler-Indigenous relations, through educational resources such as our map and Territory Acknowledgement Guide.

GeoPard Precision Agriculture API - Integrate GeoPard API and start benefit from advanced geospatial analytics right away and save millions of dollars on in-house enterprise solution development.

What happens if you don't put a public API out there? People build rogue and unofficial ones that you don't control.

Only 57 Mastodon Instances with over 20K users. I am adding environments for each so I can automate working across them with the Mastodon API. Figured I'd start with the top instance.

I created a collection for the Mastodon Instances and Network API, so that I could automate the discovery and engagement with many different Mastodon instances.

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