🆕 Address Validation API is now generally available!

The new feature of the Google Maps Platform validates an address, standardizes it for mailing, and determines the best-known geocode location for it.

Read more on #InfoQ: bit.ly/3kGEC62

#Google #GoogleMaps #API #CloudComputing

@jgarber @FenTiger like the search box, just hit the search API endpoint for the user.

@cmacks I am down in the weeds on railroad, electricity, telephone, radio, television regulation and standards and working to map to what is happening within and outside the enterprise right now. Will share as I come across interesting reads.

We have finished the transition from monolith to Microsservices boss!

PredictHQ Natural Disasters API - hAlways stay informed about natural disasters that could impact your business by accessing PredictHQ’s demand intelligence API. PredictHQ collects, aggregates and maintains thousands of unique pieces of global scheduled and unscheduled event data into one handy API. ttps://www.predicthq.com/events/disasters

OpenFEMA API - As part of the OpenFEMA initiative, FEMA is providing read-only API based access to datasets (Entities). The data is exposed using a RESTful interface that uses query string parameters to manage the query. Use of the service is free and does not require a subscription or API key. fema.gov/about/openfema/api

A valid #OpenAPI spec is a must, but it is even more critical that the #API respects the OpenAPI contract

Here is a tool to check request/response as they happen


I am deep in pondering the multi-protocol producer and consumer reality and relationship that exists via the @getpostman platform.

I love that I got an email explaining a status code to me from an API provider I am using.

Arcadia is a tech company empowering energy innovators and consumers
to fight the climate crisis. Our game-changing software and APIs unlock
energy innovation by creating unprecedented access to the data and
clean energy needed to decarbonize the grid. arcadia.com/

Getty API - As part of Getty's Open Access program, we're pleased to provide public access to much of our collection data via APIs. These APIs are the same ones that we use behind-the-scenes for our website, Getty Guide, and other key applications. - data.getty.edu/

Wellcome Collection - Wellcome Collection is a free museum and library that aims to challenge how we all think and feel about health. Find out how you can use open APIs to access our collections. - developers.wellcomecollection.

Antarctic Biodiversity Data Portal API - The SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal (biodiversity.aq) is an international effort that seeks to increase our knowledge and understanding of Antarctic and Southern Ocean biodiversity. - data.biodiversity.aq/api/v1.0/

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