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Any one writing APIs should have a look at Google's AIP (API improvement proposal) to level up your domain and API knowledge
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Trove Search API - Search Trove newspaper and gazette articles, lists and works. Works are made up of “versions”. They can be books, images, maps, music, sound, video, archives, or journal articles. Archived websites, people and organisations have not been included at this point.

Native Land Digital API - Native Land Digital strives to create and foster conversations about the history of colonialism, Indigenous ways of knowing, and settler-Indigenous relations, through educational resources such as our map and Territory Acknowledgement Guide.

GeoPard Precision Agriculture API - Integrate GeoPard API and start benefit from advanced geospatial analytics right away and save millions of dollars on in-house enterprise solution development.

Hawaii Beach Safety API - Providing , , and for , , and# Maui, helping communicate what is happening across .

The United States Department of Justice API - Programmatic access to Justice Department blog posts, press releases, speeches, and vacancy announcements via a web API, providing access to information released as part of regular Justice Department operations. -

Air Quality System (AQS) API - AQS contains ambient sample collected by , , , and air control agencies from thousands of monitors around the nation. It also contains data, descriptive information about each station, and information about the quality of the samples. -

Union Pacific Developer Center - Gain visibility to your inbound and outbound . Integrating with the Shipment API provides real-time information on your shipment’s & . Use this to build , and . and streamline work by integrating with our action API. Complete actions such as, release , order-in rail cars or create intermodal .

International Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) highly reliable API Data Service contains the raw data collected and processed from different aviation authorities, Member States, other international organizations and NGOs. The only official source of these data, ICAO releases many industry-trusted reference datasets, including ICAO Airport Codes and Aircraft Codes.

The Open Source Data Generator Synth is an open source data-as-code tool that provides a simple workflow for generating consistent data in a scalable way. cc: @plgah

the leaders of the House Transportation Committee, pointed to a line in the department’s most recent budget request that described the NOTAMs system as relying on “failing vintage hardware” and seeking $30 million to fund upgrades.

A tiny fraction of Twitter users use third-party apps. So put yourself in the shoes of a bean counter…

"We can't serve ads. We can't sell a subscription. The API costs money. If we kill the clients we lose a few users, but some will stick around."

It makes sense on a spreadsheet, but misses the users' value. They produce the content that brings you to Twitter.

Killing clients is exactly what you expect from people who just don't get social networks, and too arrogant to listen to those who do.

Forget documenting an API for other consumers to use. Document my own damn APIs for the next time I sit down to use it. What the hell did I build here? Why did I do it like this? Explain yourself yesterday Kin!!!

I have disabled
the API keys
that were in
the database

and which
you were probably
worked in your third-party client

Forgive me
they were annoying
no ads
and no control

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