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I do not care what you use for your backend, just socialize and collaborate around the contract for the interface.

Twitter quietly updates its developer agreement with a clause banning third-party clients, after claiming the company was enforcing "long-standing API rules" (Karissa Bell/Engadget)

"Third-party clients don't make us any money so of course we're not allowing them" is a bold stance from the one platform that doesn't share revenue with its creators. #Twitter

#AutomatedTesting is often blocked due to some well-known issues, especially in a microservices architecture. API and service simulators can eliminate five common issues that block test automation:
➡️ Issue 1: APIs or services not yet available
➡️ Issue 2: Slow or manual processes in backend or third-party systems
➡️ Issue 3: Test data issues
➡️ Issue 4: Set up hypothetical scenarios for error scenario testing
➡️ Issue 5: Third-party API and service restrictions

Find out more in this #InfoQ article by Wojciech Bulaty:

#SoftwareArchitecture #API #IntegrationTesting

UK privacy watchdog silent as Google flicks off critique that its Topics API fails to reform ad-tracking via @techcrunch

Twitter says third-party apps broke “long-standing API rules,” won’t name rules

I still have the original Twitter API Field Guide style documentation from back in the day. I collect old APIs. I am that guy you drive by their house on highway in the desert and they have a bunch of old APIs in their yard. twitter-field-guide.apievangel

When someone publishes an API to the developer portal without any documentation.

Open chemistry: RESTful web APIs, JSON, NWChem and the modern web application - An end-to-end platform for chemical science research has been developed that integrates data from computational and experimental approaches through a modern web-based interface. The platform offers an interactive visualization and analytics environment that functions well on mobile, laptop and desktop devices. -

API Days Global Paris 2022 - The State of the API Industry By Mark O'Neill of Gartner -

Boston Dynamics Spot API - The Spot API lets applications control Spot, read sensor information, and integrate with payloads via gRPC. The Spot API follows a client-server model, where client applications communicate to services running on Spot over a network connection. -

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Product Information Catalog Vehicle Listing - The NHTSA Product Information Catalog Vehicle Listing (vPIC) Application Programming Interface (API) provides different ways to gather information on Vehicles and their specifications. -

The Stripe App Marketplace is now open for publishing. Learn how to launch your app.

made a bunch of updates to my script to pull from O'Reilly's API:

new additions include scripts to take the JSON results and transform them into a SQL database including junction tables to preserve relationships between book / author, book / topic, and book / publisher.

#python #api #code

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