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📢 #WebComponents bookmarks update: #API #design.
If you're already familiar with basics, do check it out.
You'll find some useful tips and things to consider.

#CustomElements #ShadowDOM

#API folks! I have cleanly nested #REST objects:


I need 2 modes. 1 that displays just the id arrays of the child elements and 1 that shows ALL expanded details of children.


cheesy? Show me the way!

🎙️ APIs You Won't Hate (the podcast)

Our latest episode just went live!

Don't roll your own API Management tools, with Josh Twist from Zuplo

#openapi #api #dev #devtools

KeyHacks shows ways in which particular API keys found on a Bug Bounty Program can be used, to check if they are valid.

Some of the APIs covered in the repo:

AWS Access Key ID and Secret
Azure Application Insights APP ID and API Key
Bing Maps API Key Access token
ButterCMS API Key
Calendly API Key
CircleCI Access Token
DataDog API key
Deviant Art Access Token
Deviant Art Secret
Dropbox API
Facebook Access Token
Facebook AppSecret
Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
Github client id and client secret
GitHub private SSH key
Github Token
Gitlab personal access token
GitLab runner registration token
Google Cloud Service Account credentials
Google Maps API key
Google Recaptcha key
Help Scout OAUTH
Heroku API key
Instagram Access Token
Instagram Basic Display API
Instagram Graph API
Ipstack API Key
LinkedIn OAUTH
MailGun Private Key
Microsoft Azure Tenant
Microsoft Shared Access Signatures (SAS)
NPM token
Paypal client id and secret key
PivotalTracker API Token
Razorpay API key and secret key
Slack API token
Slack Webhook
Spotify Access Token
Stripe Live Token
Twilio Account_sid and Auth token
Twitter API Secret
Twitter Bearer token
Visual Studio App Center API Token
YouTube API Key
Zapier Webhook Token
Zendesk Access token
Zendesk API key

#api #cybersec #cybersecurity #bugbounty #infosec #infosecurity

How is the team doing on transforming our monolith to microservices? Ummmmm...well....

@WuMargaret @Perl @yarmo The #OpenFoodFacts #API, #SDKs, and their database of over 2.8 million products are also available to anyone under very permissive terms:

And they dogfood (haha) the API with their mobile apps, so you know it’s maintained.

#food #nutrition

It's official, #Twitter is going to kill academic access and premium access to the Twitter #API.

The only 3 access levels in the future:
- Limited free
Login and write access (1500 Tweets per user token)
- Basic $100
"Low level of API usage"
- Enterprise $$$$+
Talk to your sales agent.

That's the email I got last night (the first one on the issue; for developers who don't follow the news that's the first time they read that their access will be turned off the next business day).

Still no information what "low level of API usage" means. #fedifinder hits the rate limits of current elevated access for some accounts. If those get lowered, it will affect more, even if I pay for basic access (and I have an internal resistance against that). We will have to wait for Monday, to see what it will actually look like.

There are many other unanswered questions as well. With my elevated access I can use the v1.1 and v2 API endpoints. Will that be the case in the future as well? Will the fee be per app or per developer account? What about dev and staging environments? How will the rate limits look like? Volume limits? Per app or per authenticated user limits?

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